A Round of Silence

by Aaron Ferris

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5 track EP
Recorded in 2005
No longer available in CD format.

The entire recording of this EP was funded by the following kind people who gave their spare change to the 'Copper Appeal'. In no particular order thanks 'big time' to Rick, Bruce, Joel, Ian, Philip, Lois, Jackie, William, John, Dessie & Rosemary, Trevor, Laura, Billy, Andy, Scott, Betty and Chipper

Photography & design by Connie Robb


released May 10, 2005

Recorded in Einstein Studios, Antrim by Frankie McClay
All songs written by Aaron Ferris
Additional musicians: Mark Hill - Djembe, bgv's



all rights reserved


Aaron Ferris Northern Ireland, UK

Aaron Ferris is an acoustic guitar playing singer songwriter from Co Antrim, NI. He has been writing and performing his own music for over 10 years.

2013 sees the long overdue third release, coming in the shape of a 6 track EP recorded under the watchful eye of Frankie McClay in Einstein, Antrim.
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Track Name: Moth to a Flame
I promised never to ignore, but my love faded
My flesh had restrained my heart, I couldn’t break it
My reasons are so vain
My excuses seem so lame
I was a moth drawn to its death, drawn to the flame

This time, I’m waiting right here
This time, I’m waiting to hear

I always promise that I’ll change, yet always end up the same
I’m a dripping tap, I’m tortured by my ways, like a young child I disobey
I’m dazzled by the glare, I’m the animal that’s scared just standing there

This time I’m waiting, this time I’m waiting right here
This time I’m waiting, this time I’m staying here

I am not one, who’ll close my eyes just because
I am not one, who’ll play a song for applause
I am not one who, I want to honour to go to
Because if this is for me it’s not for You
I am for You, I’m waiting for You
Track Name: Hollow Wooden Instruments
Strap for sale, I’m not standing up for a while
Some say I’m getting old, intent on labelling my style
But here we are, with hollow wooden instruments
Cos here we are, we’re hollow wooden instruments

Standing still will get us nowhere
Neither will trying to be who we were before

I have closed, a chapter I loved writing
And I know, that where I am is the right thing
For God has shown, I’m a hollow instrument
But my God fills this hollow wooden instrument

Why are you standing looking at one another
When we’ll all starving/dieing?
We’re not here for much longer
Track Name: Here's to You
Let’s sit down and think about this
Let’s sit back and seek the purpose
This is where I can’t go further
This is where I hand it over

Here’s to something different
Here’s to something we don’t hear much about
Here’s to something new
Here’s to You

This is where I lay it down
This is where You’ll be found
This is where I will be
I pray, You’ll use me
Track Name: Even Now
If I was there, if I had seen
Would I have stopped it happening?
If I could, would I have stood
Or would I have ran from the scene?
Would I have been Your friend or Your foe?
Or would anyone have known
That You are my all?

Even now, even today
Would they now I’m Yours by the words I say?
Even now, even today
Could they see Your love through me?

If I seen at first hand, the violence
Could I’ve stood and been silent?
When you didn’t speak when they accused
Would I’ve stood to defend You?
If then I was asked if I was Yours
Would my answer be so sure?
Cos they’re still asking
They’re still asking
Track Name: 180
If my eyes turned one eighty, would I see
Myself trying to get out? Or would i
See a man I don’t even know, stealing my thoughts, adding his own
Grabbing my plans letting them go
Because I

I can’t fall any further from where I am
I can’t fall any lower from where I lying
I’m finding it hard to pull through
But I believe You

God be the man I see, when I look through these eyes
Give me a heart of praise with every breath you provide
I love you, my father, for everything you do
But still I