State of Emergency

by Aaron Ferris

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State of Emergency: A condition of urgent need for action or assistance


released June 21, 2013

Recorded in Einstein Studios, Antrim by Frankie McClay
Artwork by Tendwayi Bvumburah
Image used by permission Getty Images



all rights reserved


Aaron Ferris Northern Ireland, UK

Aaron Ferris is an acoustic guitar playing singer songwriter from Co Antrim, NI. He has been writing and performing his own music for over 10 years.

2013 sees the long overdue third release, coming in the shape of a 6 track EP recorded under the watchful eye of Frankie McClay in Einstein, Antrim.
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Track Name: Propaganda Village
Propaganda village sits within earshot of the zone
Where the lights flicker on to show that they’re meant to be at home
Yet no one’s ever lived there, no one’s ever been
I think it’s the most mysterious thing I think that I have ever seen

Balloons float across the sky as soldiers try and shoot them down
Hoping that none have reached the local folk in the little border towns
Told that their Dear Leader will provide all that they need
But tonight’s another night they have nothing to give their kids to eat

Unjustly imprisoned, she was hanging clothes up on the line
When the only thing she owned fell upon the ground
The words in that book were what kept that girl alive
Until the firing squad were ordered to pay her for her ‘crime’

I don’t believe the lies I’m told
I’ll crossing river into China before the winter cold
I’ll carry my clothes above my head, prepared my bribe
I’ll do anything to stay if I reach the other side

The secret police found a defector hiding in a shed
They brought him back across the border and shot him in the head
Three generations face the gulags for life
And even that just depends on how long you can survive
Track Name: Mission Field
There’s a mission field a few yards away
There’s a mission field you sit beside every day
There’s a mission field you don’t have to look far
There’s a mission field right where you are

Someone’s in need of Christ, that you never have told
Someone’s in need of Christ, an unwitnessed soul
Someone’s in need of Christ, although they never will hear
Yet you have known them for many a year

There’s a homeless man, you’ve passed on the street
There’s a family near that can’t make ends meet
There’s a widower who lives a few doors down
There are needy and lost in your home town
There are needy and lost in your home town

So what do you say
Why don’t you lift your hands today
And make a difference in your own country
There’s no reason to wait
Why don’t you make that move today
To help someone who just may
Be counting on the Jesus in you
Be relying on Jesus in you
Who counting on Jesus through you

There’s a harlot who stands, she sees no way out
There’s a suicidal kid who’s never felt part of the crowd
There’s a desperate world crying aloud
There’s a mission field in our backyard
There’s a mission field in our backyard
There’s a mission field in our backyard
Track Name: 1859
Great multitudes gathered all around
From North Antrim to the south of Down
Many places could not hold the crowds
Some moved the meetings outside

Folk cried in the streets, some bowed in their homes
Others struck with awe like they had never known
Mothers seen sons and daughters come home
Declaring a peace in their soul
God gave them peace in their souls

Come and revive like 1859
Move through this land
How we need you now

The pubs were empty, the pews were full
Prayers rang out from the playgrounds of the schools
Workers and friends seen men they once knew
Touched by the Lord and they were renewed
Showered by the grace that fell like the dew

Lord send rain, Lord send change
Come Lord send, come Lord send revival
Track Name: Annie
Crouched in the corner, she can hear his footsteps coming
Another night that’s frightening, another night that she spends hiding
She was only 4 years old, in a Belfast street just a century ago
Never stood a chance, she never did know safety in her home

The little hands that were meant to hold
Were the little hands that tried to defend the blows
The little voice just beginning to speak
Was the little voice crying ‘please help me’
Why did her cries go unheard?
Did no one have the chance to save her?
How did he explain or try to cover
Her screams that must’ve been so hard to ignore?

What possessed this man, to lift his hand against her?
What went through his mind, as he beat his own daughter?

With broken bones, the blood streamed from her nose
This would be the last time that he approached
That winter morn was never meant to be so cold
As he swung that weapon to strike the fatal blow
As her lifeless body lay, he grabbed his coat and went on his way
As she struggled out her final breath she met her death alone in such a brutal way

For what did Annie do, what did Annie do, what did Annie do
To be hurt, to be killed by you?
Track Name: Jerusalem of the East
We stood upon that hill as close as we could get to a living hell
We read those words aloud, just as the wind blew strong bring these bones to life
A part of me there died, as I held her hands looked into her eyes
No laughter, no joy, no life, but she’s a child, just a little child

God I know You’re listening as you stood and cried with me
God I know You’re with them as You gave me eyes to see
God I know You love them as You set the captives free
So won’t You come now, Lord save them please

We walked around that square although they could not speak we seen your people there
One day they will sing aloud, with arms raised high I’ll be in that crowd
For in You freedom abounds, no man is a mark drawn on the ground
We’ll take those idols down, proclaim Your words, reclaim this town

Hosanna here comes our King, the Lord God Almighty reigns

So won’t You come now, Lord set them free
So won’t You come now, Lord set them free
So won’t You come now, Lord set Your people free.
Track Name: The Way Out of Here
The way out of here is long
The path I have tread it has never been worn
I’ve never felt so alone
But I vow to carry on, I vow to carry on

When it feels like you’re falling apart
When something occurs and it rips out your heart
When all ahead seems dark
Call out just where you are, call out just where you are

When the pain of loss comes
When the shame of guilt says you don’t belong
When it feels like your strength has gone
Know that you’re not on your own
Know that you’re not alone

For when your feelings say just to just give up
When the ways that you’ve tried, all the doors have slammed shut
When you scream that enough is enough
Cry out to Him where you are, cry out to Him where you are

Hold to hope, saturate your soul with Him
Draw in close, never let go of what remains

When my three score and ten has passed
When I come to the place my next breath may be my last
I hope I can look at the past
And say all that I gave was my best
And say all that I gave was my best
I hope all that I gave was my best